Golden Bohemian I

Mixed media on canvas
100x50 cm (40x20 inch) in

The word β€œBohemian” means a person (such as a writer or an artist) living an unconventional life usually in a colony with others. Like vagabond, wanderer.

It isn't easy to lead an unconventional life. It takes a lot of masks to live an unconventional life in a colony with other people. There is a clear indication of the Gold's Flow. Does anyone actually notice the existence of other colors like white, grey, yellow, orange, silver, bronze, and black alongside gold? Does anyone else notice that everyone knows color codes and what each hue means? Does anyone really judge others only based on their gold jewelry? Why are other colors present and not noticed? Leaving aside all the tales, how many life phases must be endured in order to achieve that golden flow? Prior to that, there were many stages to pass through, including hard work, patience, experiences, blessings, failures, and brokenness. After these stages, however, one emerges with new strengths and lots of untold tales. After wearing so many masks to live in this colony, a person leads an unconventional life. Is that not true? Isn't it true that we all are actors on the stage known as "Life"?

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